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When renowned chef Eric Ripert and Le Bernardin flew a famous Puerto Rican pig master, one of his prize yearlings, and a sack of island fired charcoal direct to the Bronx for a slow flame roasting (courtesy of a Buick ‘driveshaft’ – see the vid), Josh Ozersky and I had to make our way to the smoky altar. I grabbed our new Canon 5D Mark II, and guided by a wayward GPS through the urban labyrinth of the south Bronx (my first trip in fifteen years a New Yorker – and an hour long ‘adventure’), we eventually arrived at a Puerto Rican community center and the site of the sacrifice. We spent the day shooting, (and eating and drinking) and the result has prompted Narrative Arts’s involvement with Josh’s daily food documentary: Ozersky.TV/ (bookmark or subscribe if you please), with Ben Leventhal (of eater.com). We launched today.

The camera was magnificent in each environment. I shot with the handy 24-105 f.4 and made a picture profile in camera to bring out the golden tones of the pork and the bronze/pewter interiors of Le Bernardin. With lens stabilization, hand-held is a buoyant, fluid daydream and the action on the focus and zoom rings is smooth and steady with just the right tension. It’s the finest camera I’ve ever worked with.

Link directly to Ozersky.tv/ for many more vids over the course of the year with the finest chefs, best dishes, supreme purveyors, and most celebrated eateries in New York city, the boroughs – and soon the world.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II. Posted by Såladin. Thanks to Jeff Larson.


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