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Fifteen Seconds #1#2#3, #4

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Fifteen Seconds #1, #2, #3

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Fifteen Seconds #1, #2

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Chrissie White, Photographer

Fifteen Seconds #1

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I had the good fortune as a fifth and sixth grader to sit at the knee of a great American writer, Cynthia Voigt, who taught at the Key School in Annapolis through the long decade of the seventies in our slowly receding last century. Mrs. Voigt (that’s who she was to us then), has gone on to write more than two dozen books for children and young adults. She won the Newberry Medal in 1983 for her raw and revelatory second novel, Dicey’s Song.

Among her classroom and teaching techniques, many of which still provide the software for my brain, this was one of the most memorable (along with her consistently reading to us when most of our parents had long abandoned the practice), and it began our studies every day: for two years we’d spend the first moments of class confronted with a word or an image on the board with which we were completely unfamiliar.

We then had fifteen minutes to get whatever we could into our notebooks.

I’ll give you fifteen seconds.

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