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Get used to this sort of thing. Albert Brooks predicted it even better than Warhol. But don’t worry – someday in the future everyone will have their fifteen minutes of anonymity.

See it here at Ozersky.tv.

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From the terrific Jared Abrams at Cinema 5D.

“This has been driving me crazy for quite some time. I post as often as I can on the news section here at Cinema5D. I try to get the word out on some of the happenings in the HDSLR world.  I have tried to go with the flow on the name of  the  still cameras that shoot video. I think we started with Video DSLR, than HD DSLR and now we have started using HDSLR. I think it’s about time we settled on this damn thing once and for all. I think HDSLR is just fine. It seems to have grown organically with the cameras that were once called “Hybrids”. Not a very nice name. Video DSLR’s are too video sounding. That went away pretty fast. Then we got all serious about it and called them HD DSLR’s but that does not really sound cool. HDSLR’s is pretty cool. It is fairly correct. High Definition Single Lens Reflex camera is what it is, after all. I hope that still works when it shoots 4K. Or will it be called HDVHS?”

Posted by Jim Swift.

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We returned to Le Bernardin nearly six months after our first shoot for a long awaited dessert course. Combining a synaesthete’s hybrid dynamics in color, shape and taste, with a sculptor’s eye and a culinary chemist’s lab work, Michael Laiskonis produced a dozen fanciful dishes – not one of which failed to surprise the eye and delight the palate.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the petit fours weren’t bad either…

Shot with the Canon 7D and the Canon 5D Mark II.

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Shot entirely with Canon 5D Mark II cameras. The season finale of House is online and available on Fox’s website. Vincent Laforet, an early-out-of-the gate 5D darling, sketched some of his thoughts about focus and lighting when the episode first aired.

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The color palate in the salt room at Primehouse, with it’s marbled reds, dusty steels, and textured Himalayan salts highlights some of the brilliant characteristics of the 5D’s sensor. Naturally in these environs, Cutlets is at his synaesthetic best too.

See all the videos at Ozersky.tv/

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II. 24-105 f4

Posted by Såladin. Thanks to Ben Leventhal, Laurie Pila and Jeff Larson.

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Next Monday – the 17th of May. Shot entirely with Canon 5D Mark IIs.

Post comments after the show.

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When renowned chef Eric Ripert and Le Bernardin flew a famous Puerto Rican pig master, one of his prize yearlings, and a sack of island fired charcoal direct to the Bronx for a slow flame roasting (courtesy of a Buick ‘driveshaft’ – see the vid), Josh Ozersky and I had to make our way to the smoky altar. I grabbed our new Canon 5D Mark II, and guided by a wayward GPS through the urban labyrinth of the south Bronx (my first trip in fifteen years a New Yorker – and an hour long ‘adventure’), we eventually arrived at a Puerto Rican community center and the site of the sacrifice. We spent the day shooting, (and eating and drinking) and the result has prompted Narrative Arts’s involvement with Josh’s daily food documentary: Ozersky.TV/ (bookmark or subscribe if you please), with Ben Leventhal (of eater.com). We launched today.

The camera was magnificent in each environment. I shot with the handy 24-105 f.4 and made a picture profile in camera to bring out the golden tones of the pork and the bronze/pewter interiors of Le Bernardin. With lens stabilization, hand-held is a buoyant, fluid daydream and the action on the focus and zoom rings is smooth and steady with just the right tension. It’s the finest camera I’ve ever worked with.

Link directly to Ozersky.tv/ for many more vids over the course of the year with the finest chefs, best dishes, supreme purveyors, and most celebrated eateries in New York city, the boroughs – and soon the world.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II. Posted by Såladin. Thanks to Jeff Larson.

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