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Jeff Gomez, blogging on Cosmic Streetcorner at Kidscreen.com sets out some solid guidelines for ‘transmedia’ storytelling (the scare quotes will drop away automatically when the term’s been used in 1,000 additional posts).

Here’s an excerpt:

“…transmedia properties aren’t hatched overnight and require long-term planning both on the content creation and media/product rollout sides. So how can high standards of quality and consistency be maintained over an entire story world while constantly expanding it and adding new creators and content along the way? I’ve managed to distill the construction of a transmedia world into four key steps.

“* Prepare for multi-platform by expanding the story world

“* Maintain the IP with transmedia planning

“* Maximize value by assembling a franchise clearinghouse

“* Build brand equity by validating audience participation”

[Ed. To these solid guidelines, I would add:]

* Say goodbye to the three act screenplay, the 10k word short story, the five panel Sunday comic, the thirty minute sitcom, the radio show foley artist, and five act tragedy. Weave your narratives explicitly to match the spatial, temporal, enduring, transient, physical, digital, performative, architectural and design properties of the various media – collectively – that  you choose to present your ideas.

Read Jeff Gomez’s entire manifesto after the fold. Posted by Såladin. Thanks to Siobhan O’Flynn.


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Fifteen Seconds #1, #2, #3

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From the terrific Jared Abrams at Cinema 5D.

“This has been driving me crazy for quite some time. I post as often as I can on the news section here at Cinema5D. I try to get the word out on some of the happenings in the HDSLR world.  I have tried to go with the flow on the name of  the  still cameras that shoot video. I think we started with Video DSLR, than HD DSLR and now we have started using HDSLR. I think it’s about time we settled on this damn thing once and for all. I think HDSLR is just fine. It seems to have grown organically with the cameras that were once called “Hybrids”. Not a very nice name. Video DSLR’s are too video sounding. That went away pretty fast. Then we got all serious about it and called them HD DSLR’s but that does not really sound cool. HDSLR’s is pretty cool. It is fairly correct. High Definition Single Lens Reflex camera is what it is, after all. I hope that still works when it shoots 4K. Or will it be called HDVHS?”

Posted by Jim Swift.

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Fifteen Seconds #1, #2

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I spent a couple of sleepless nights in a rainy, fogbound Paris half a lifetime ago. It felt a little like this.

Video by Arev Manoukian.

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Chrissie White, Photographer

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